Ci-dessous le feedback très inspirant envoyé « à chaud » (le soir même !) par Alain Renk.

Merci Alain pour ta participation, d’être venu exprès de Paris, et pour ce feedback qui nous donne des pistes très intéressantes à creuser pour Genial.

Nous vous invitons à lire en complément : Les possibilités offertes par les modèles de licences existants en Europe et la CERN Open Hardware Licence.

Before reading ; Thanks to Matteo Mazzeri and Gregoire Japiot for this GEnIAL BarCamp. Take this as my feedback after a few hours with you. I hope some parts will be relevant for the project.
Extending the CERN Open Source Pattern map with GEnIAL ?
My perception is that CERN’s ecosystem goes far beyond an institutional power based on scientific excellence, philosophy and experience of Open Source and Open Licenses. In CERN, this philosophy seems to have build patterns that shape a natural way to think and to act. There is a big difference for me between developing ideas, prototypes and projects that respect Open Source philosophy and developing social patterns. And the challenge could be to develop strategies that will extend the CERN pattern outside its comfort zone.
Why? As we have seen in this 27th June afternoon keynotes, the accelerated digitalization of our societies is in « free bar » mode, and neither the tech companies nor governments will take the responsibility to clean the room when the consequence of security failure and lack of civic interest  will be more and more difficult to fix. We can already imagine the not so accurate responses that will come from the private companies : new marketing for selling new proprietary tech to solve the problems they are part of, and from the governments : finding centralized solutions and more control over citizens. It is our responsibility to build alternative that can, like in AIKIDO, use the strength and plasticity* of dysfunctional systems to make them turn into more inclusive and sustainable systems.
How? Extending the CERN « Open Source Pattern” (OSP) of thinking and doing outside the scientific world is a great opportunity. GEnIAL could be the « Aikido master » that could use the plasticity of economic and social behaviors to introduce CERN OSP in the daily life of Geneva Canton Citizens. At this point, the GEnIAL projects could not only learn from the CERN ecosystem and people, but give back to it from the beginning. GEnIAL people could use their « outside position » to make a reverse engineering of the CERN OSP to make it more accessible.
What? For me, the opposition between utopia/activism and real politic/reform is not as strong as before the digital revolution. We cannot be naive. Big companies use cynical economy** behaviors and lobbying to constraint governments to accept an unethical and unsecured digitalization. Far from claiming that we will change radically the world by fighting frontally, GEnIAL could organize the mutation by providing facts based evidence when its useful features will be used by citizens (and help public services to meet their goals). By reflexive analysis, it could then help to build and distributed intelligence pattern conditions for other services or cities. The fact is that this apparently low profile strategy does not exclude the idea to change radically the word and to do so, the capacity to be agile and to open multiple frontline using the Cern OSP is imperative, as we know, in asymmetric war. Geneva has just opened a new space*** for participatory actions, it seems to be already a very good ethical backdoor too.
*_  the analogy of differential neuronal plasticity that could be used to build secure Artificial Intelligence was explained by Lionel Lourdin, Cintcom Foundation. Technological, informational and cultural commons.
**_ the concept of cynical economy was explained by Jean-Henry Morin, UNIGE Responsabilité Numérique et gouvernance des risques informationnels.
***_the 3DD space with Antoine Burret, Cintcom Foundation, Research into tiers-lieu configuration. Re-politicization through services.
Alain Renk, HOSTLab and 7 Billion Urbanists cofounder, Unlimited Cities / Wikibuilding
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